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Untraceableinc had a jam packed, exhilarant, worldwide year. We planned new events, attended new conferences, met new people, and prepared ourselves for an even crazier 2018.

Here are a few of the highlights from 2017.

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Let’s start with Ethereum. What an unbelievable year this coin has had. Untracebaleinc is very proud to say that we took part in multiple events to help build and grow the Ethereum community.

Let’s start with one of our most well known events back in October ETHwaterloo, the largest Ethereum Hackathon in the world. Untraceableinc planned and ran this event with flare. It was a crazy, nonstop, 36 hour event where hundreds of Ethereum developers worked together to build dozens of applications on Ethereum. It was a huge success and continues to live on with ETHdenver coming up this February.

Another signature Untraceable Ethereum event was back in April when we organized and ran the hackathon called Blockgeeks. The highlights from this event included an evening with Vitaik Buterin, followed by a 24 hour hackathon.


Back in August we were on the panel for the Ethereum vs. Bitcoin debate where she mediated the speakers as well as contributed to the questions and discussions.

We ended the year in an incredible way by helping with a wonderful event called the Merry Merkle Tree fundraiser. The event was in true decentralized fashion as it was all thought of, planned, and created within a weeks time. Untraceable came in with some signature party hacks from  banners, posters, and christmas lights to a massive QR code for an efficient way to donate. The event raised over $100,000 in ethereum for the Covenant House Toronto and we hope to make it an annual tradition.

We then travelled far and wide with the Polymath team to multiple Blockchain conferences  around the world! Some of the destinations included Shanghai, China where we attended the Global Blockchain Summit and got to see and hang out with some close Blockchain friends around the world. Only a few days later we were on a flight to London, England to attend the World Blockchain Forum.  Only a couple weeks later we were on a flight to Las Vegas again with Polymath for the CoinAgenda. And then again only a few days after Vegas we were on our way to Austin to attend the Bitcoin Texas conference.

Other Highlights 


  • Gave presentation at ESPA January 2017

  • Attended PCMA with professionals in January 2017

  • Austin→ San Diego certified event design at San Diego State Uniersity SDSU

  • Fintech Canada Meetups

  • Marketo conference April 2017

  • Marktech conference March/May 2017

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