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Since 2013 Tracy and her team have ran events within the blockchain and crypto space. From major conferences to hackathons to launch events. The Untraceable team creates unforgettable experiences that build the blockchain and crypto community. 

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> End-to-end logistics

> Budgeting & timelines

> Sponsorships & partnerships

> Catering & rentals 

> Vendor relations

> On-site coordination

> Production, a/v, presentations

> Interactive experiences

> Tradeshow booths

> Legendary event activities 

> Account based (event) marketing

> Ticket Sales

> Web development
> Sponsor outreach 

> Video marketing 

> Social media management​

> Crypto ticketing integration

> Registration systems & ticketing

> Event apps

> Powerpoint keynote presentations

> Live streaming

> Videography & photography

> Animated videos

> Token creation for your event



  • Bitcoin Meet-Ups

  • Blockchain Meet-Ups

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  • BTM Launch Events

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  • Ethereum Hackathons

  • Blockchain Hackathons

  • Bitcoin Hackathons

  • Opening Events

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  • Bitcoin Conferences & Expos

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  • Speaker & VIP Dinners

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Tracing Untraceable -

Some of our Past Events 


Dates: August 14-16 2018

Location: Toronto, Canada

Blockchain Futurist Conference brought together over 2000 blockchain innovators, pioneers, and enthusiasts from multiple industries to discuss and debate what the future of blockchain will hold.


Unlike other industry events, Blockchain Futurist Conference was professionally designed for fostering conversations, networking, and deal-making throughout the entire duration of the conference. Blockchain Futurist conference was an immersive experience tailored to encourage discussions on what the future of blockchain will look like. In addition to keynote speakers and presentations, the conference featured mini-events sponsored by leading blockchain companies, hands-on workshops, notable product launches, a blockchain bootcamp and multiple announcements and airdrops.


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Polymath Connect

Date: May 14, 2019

Location: New York, USA

Untraceable organized the Polymath Connect Lounge part of NYC Blockchain Week 2019 for Polymath The Securities Token Platform. Polymath announced their upcoming venture the Polymesh Blockchain Initiative at Consensus and wanted to create a space where anyone interested could come speak to the team one-on-one, demonstrate their technology and learn about their upcoming project. 

Polymath Connect was a success bringing in +1000 blockchain enthusiasts to a calm isolated space in the heart of New York City for drinks, food, and a great networking atmosphere. They made this event free for anyone interested in blockchain technology and are a staple company in the space for growing and teaching the community. Thank you again Polymath for having Untraceable organize another one of your trailblazing events. 


Dates:  February 28 - March 2 2018

Location: Nassau, Bahamas

Untraceable joined the token stampede and headed to the Bahamas!  We organized POLYCON 18, the world's first crypto event dedicated to securities tokens, located in Nassau at the stunning new resort Baha Mar.


The conference brought together the worlds of high finance and blockchain attracting institutional investors, retail advisors and high net worth individuals, as well as some of the most exciting and fastest-growing blockchain companies from around the world.

This iconic event included meals and beverages, top notch swag, keynote dinners, 1x1 meetings, a cabana pool party, casino night, and 30+ sessions and panels. It was a huge success and had attendees wanting more of Untraceable.

Loyalty Live 

Dates: October 16-18 2018

Location: Chicago, USA

Loyalty Live is the first conference in the world with the sole focus to bridge the gap between the world of loyalty rewards with the world of blockchain technology. The conference will showcase thought leaders, loyalty executives, and blockchain startups. Bringing some of the biggest names from both sides to help simplify and better educate each other on these multi-billion dollar industries.

By attending, you will have the opportunity to be the first to join in this inevitable future on the blockchain. Get to know the technology behind the products and meet the brilliant minds face-to-face to better understand and build trust in this new world. Topics like tracking systems, lowering transaction fees, and eliminating fraud are just some of the sessions that will be highlighted.  


ST20 Security Token Roundtable

Dates:  July 12-14 2018

Location: Holetown, Barbados 

Bringing over 100 exclusive attendees to Holetown, Barbados to discuss formalizing the Ethereum improvement proposal for security tokens. Untraceable helped the Polymath team organize this destination event at two different venues in the town. 

This event included meals, beverages, snacks, setup, and tear down - ensuring guests were enjoying themselves, networking, and effectively adding to the discussions. 

CryptoChicks Hackathon

Dates:  April 6 - April 8 2018

Location: Toronto, Canada

Crypto Chicks is a non-profit blockchain educational hub with a mission to achieve gender balance in the blockchain space. Untraceable helped them run the world's first all female Ethereum hackathon and conference from April 6-8 2018 in Toronto.

We volunteered our time and resources to increase ticket sales, draw in press and media, organize catering, and were on-site for majority of the event (that includes restocking Red Bull at 3 am).  We had a great time helping out our friends the CryptoChicks build the blockchain community with this historic conference and all female hackathon.

Global Cloud & Blockchain Summit

Dates:  August 13 - August 14 2018

Location: Toronto, Canada

Untraceable was thrilled to help organize the Global Cloud & Blockchain Summit - the worlds 1st gathering dedicated to the convergence of the Cloud & Blockchain industries.


This invitation-only summit focused on trends in blockchain technology and opportunities for the cloud and datacenter industry. Attendees learned about existing use cases and how certain cloud and datacenter companies have already begun to benefit from this new trend that is driving Web3.0.

This event was part of Canadian Blockchain Week 2018 and with 25 speakers and over 100 attendees we are pleased to say it was a success in connecting the blockchain and cloud industries.  


Dates:  October 13 - 15 2017

Location: Waterloo, Canada


This past fall, developers across the world came to Waterloo, Canada to build decentralized applications at the World's Largest Ethereum Hackathon.  


ETHWaterloo will gave ambitious and talented developers the opportunity to work alongside the inventors of Ethereum for a 36-hour hackathon. Speakers and judges include Vitalik Buterin, Jeff Coleman, William Mougayar, Joseph Lubin, Joey Krug, Stephan Tual, and many others. Winner of the hackathon: CryptoKitties.

Dates:  October 13 - 15 2017


This past fall, developers across the world came to Waterloo, Canada to build decentralized applications at the World's Largest Ethereum Hackathon.  


ETHWaterloo will gave ambitious and talented developers the opportunity to work alongside the inventors of Ethereum for a 36-hour hackathon. Speakers and judges include Vitalik Buterin, Jeff Coleman, William Mougayar, Joseph Lubin, Joey Krug, Stephan Tual, and many others. Winner of the hackathon: CryptoKitties.

Bitcoin Expo 2014

Dates:  April 11-13 2014

Location: Toronto, Canada


Back in 2014 we organized the very first bitcoin expo in Canada. With bitcoin still being in its very first stages it was important to use a strategic plan to market and execute this 3 day event. 

Ethereum was a platinum sponsor and it was actually the only conference they ever sponsored as they became a foundation shortly after the event. It was essentially their coming out event. 

With 35 vendors and over 800+ attendees from around the world, it was easily the biggest blockchain event of its time. It found it's niche and people still talk about it today. Truly a revolutionary event for the community and for Untraceable. 

ETHWaterloo Recap

In Crypto We Trust

Dates:  April 10-11 2014

Location: Toronto, Canada


The first ethereum hackathon ever. Pre-ethereum. Proof of concept. This was huge for Tracy and Untraceable. Working alongside the original ethereum team with OGs like Charles Hopkinson, Joseph Lubin, Gavin Wood, and Vitalik Buterin.

BitAngels sponsored $20k worth of bitcoin at the time to the winners. Realistically though, they were all winners as the majority of participants are now all well known whales in the space. Ethan Buchman- co-founder of Cosmos, and Vlad Zamfir- Casper research lead are just 2 examples of the brilliant minds that came out of this hackathon. We are beyond proud to have organized this legendary event.

Worked with blockchain leaders...

1st Blockchain & Ethereum hackathon in Canada!
Decentral, Toronto April 2014.
BlockgeeksLab Hackathon 
MaRS , Toronto 2017
Bitcon & Blockchain Meet-Up
March 2017.

An Evening with Vitalik Buterin Blockgeeks.

April 21, 2017.
Blockchain Training Conference!
C4, June 2016.
Bitcoin Expo 2014 Promotional Video 
created by Untraceable Inc. 

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Tracy Leparulo

Tracy is the Founder and creative mind behind Untraceable & Traceable Inc. With extensive experience in events, projects and marketing disciplines she has led initiatives that have made tremendous impact both locally and globally. Her purpose-driven efforts have fuelled 7+ years of work in the realms of entrepreneurship and innovation in collaborative and multidisciplinary environments where she has founded, managed and coordinated 100+ events and projects. She combines her marketing mind and creative flare to create innovative customized experiences for her clients. Tracy is a graduate of Ryerson University where she studied Marketing and Entrepreneurship. 

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