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It feels like yesterday that the Untraceable team was hired by Polymath and Grit Capital to organize POLYCON18. The gave us the name, they gave us the venue, we just had to add the magic to begin this 7 week long venture. That’s right, 7 weeks. So although it felt like yesterday, it practically was. 7 weeks of consecutive sleepless nights, 3 hour long appear calls, and endless asana tasks. 7 weeks to get attendees, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers to the event. 7 weeks to order swag, t-shirts, banners, build a website, develop an app, and get a huge blue bull made of styrofoam to the event! Oh and by the way, it was all on an island in the Bahamas!

Sounds like the impossible? Well then, I guess we do the impossible. Our hard work and sleepless nights really showed through this event. Our secret? We have a team of highly skilled individuals that all have their own unique superpowers to make any event run smoothly. From an internal graphic designer, to a world renowned chef, we have the capability to work with a wide variety of clients and venues to make anything possible. Not to mention our literally FEARLESS leader Tracy Leparulo who has been running crypto events since 2013. She is well known in the space for her bright pink hair and exceptional knowledge in crypto trends.

POLYCON18 Begins

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